CTSI K Scholar Program Logo.

CTSI K Scholar Program Overview

The CTSI K Scholar Program offers research mentoring, career and professional development, and funding to outstanding junior faculty and senior fellows transitioning to independent faculty positions. 

The overall goal of the program is training, mentoring and development of an interprofessional, interdisciplinary, and diverse clinical and translational workforce with skills to meet the healthcare and research needs of our communities, the region and the nation. The program engages talented, motivated scholars from different health science and clinical disciplines (e.g., medicine, pharmacy, nursing, public health, dental, bioengineering, and others), to join the clinical and translational science workforce to develop new treatments for diseases and innovative methods to mitigate or eliminate health disparities.

The CTSI K Scholar Program provides research training and mentoring in clinical and translational science to outstanding junior faculty in health science disciplines. Specifically, the program facilitates the development of Scholars’ professional skills and the transition to their next career level within the clinical and translational workforce pipeline.

Each CTSI K Scholar receives support to cover partial salary towards protective time, and research, tuition and travel costs for up to two years. Scholars are encouraged to apply for individual K awards or equivalent mentored awards, or appropriate R type awards during the two-year program. Scholars will have the opportunity to apply for an additional third year of funding, which may be granted upon objective review based on productivity, future plans, and availability of funding. 

The CTSI K Scholar Mentored Career Development Award Program is supported by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under award numbers UL1TR001412 and KL2TR001413 to the University at Buffalo.