2019-20 Statistical Workshop Series

The Statistics Workshop Series combines the statistical approaches, study design, sources of error, research question and literature critique core competencies. This series aims to describe the role that statistics serves in the sciences. Attendees will use this knowledge to formulate well-defined clinical and translational research questions, and to incorporate regulatory precepts into the design of future studies.

Dates: September 2019 - May 2020

Time: 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Location: All 2020 Workshops: 150 Farber Hall, South Campus, University at Buffalo

For more information contact, scholar1@buffalo.edu or (716) 829-6268

All workshops starting March 24, 2020 onwards will held virtually via WebEx.

Previous Statistical Workshop Series

Series Schedule

Sept. 10
Michael LaMonte, PhD, MPH
Research Boot Camp
Sept. 24
Michael LaMonte, PhD, MPH
Research Boot Camp II
Oct. 8
Guan Yu, PhD
The Statistical Comparison of Multiple Groups
Oct. 22
Jiwei Zhao, PhD
Survival Analysis
Nov. 5
Jeffrey Miecznikowski, PhD
False Discovery Rate and Other Multiple Testing Type I Errors
Nov. 19
Virginia Filiaci, PhD
Data Monitoring Committees in Clinical Trial
Dec. 3
Jihnhee Yu, PhD
Designs & Challenges Using The Registry Data
Jan. 28
Gregory Wilding, PhD
Sample Size and Power I
Gregory Wilding, PhD
Sample Size and Power II
Feb. 25
Michael Sill, PhD
Phase I Oncology Trials
Mar. 10
Kevin Eng, PhD
Single Cell RNAseq: Tools and Exploratory Analysis
Mar. 24
Guan Yu, PhD
Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning
Jiwei Zhao, PhD
Statistical Strategies for Missing Data
Apr. 21
Virginia Filiaci, PhD
Clinical Trial Endpoints
May. 5
Jeffrey Miecznikowski, PhD
The Bootstrap and its Uses