Qualitative Study Design and Data Analysis

This in-person workshop series focuses on qualitative study design and data analysis. The series will be held in-person across three weeks, consisting of two didactic and one guest speaker sessions. Participants are invited to bring questions and ideas to share with the group. Topics covered in the series include types of qualitative design, sampling strategies, participant recruitment, interview guides, field notes, transcription, integrating mixed-methods and survey questionaries, assembling a study team, IRB considerations, codes versus themes, developing a code book, coding/secondary coding, establishing consensus, developing themes, and arriving at findings. Learners can also earn a certificate of completion upon attending all workshops as scheduled.

Dates: Thursdays, May 2023

Time: 9:00 - 10:00 AM

Location: In-Person, CTRC Room 7002, Downtown Campus

For more information, contact keenangi@buffalo.edu or 716-816-7227..

Series Schedule

May 11, 2023
Elizabeth Gage Bouchard, PhD


Qualitative Study Design

May 18, 2023
Elizabeth Gage Bouchard, PhD


Qualitative Data Analysis

May 25, 2023
Elizabeth Gage Bouchard, PhD

Qualitative Principles in Action