Health Inequities Workshop Series

The goals of the Health Inequities Workshop Series are to: (1) bridge the cultural and experience gap by providing health practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to understand health inequities; (2) acquire the intercultural communication skills needed to become more culturally sensitive and empathetic health practitioners; (3) develop a fundamental understanding of the socio-economic causes of health inequities and how structural forces perpetuate them; and (4) imbue health practitioners with the desire and commitment to contribute to transforming the healthcare system to better serve Blacks and people of color. Each workshop will feature panel discussions, interactive breakout rooms, and question and answer sessions.

This series is free of charge and open to all members of the Buffalo Translational Consortium.

Learners can also earn a certificate of completion upon viewing all workshops. A minimum of four out of the five workshops must be viewed during the scheduled Zoom sessions. One workshop may be be viewed via recording before the next live Zoom session.

Dates: Thursdays, March - April 2022
3:00 - 4:30 PM
 Online via Zoom
Register Now:

For more information contact, or (716) 829-4718.

Series Schedule

March 10

Henry Louis Taylor, Jr., PhD
Rev. George F. Nicholas, MDiv
Thomas J. Ward Jr., PhD

Introductions to Structural Racisim, the Social Determinants of Health, and Health Inequities

March 17

Jennifer Meka, PhD
Rev. Kinzer Pointer, MM
Samuel Abramovich, PhD

Terminologies & Factors Contributing to Health Inequities

March 31

Heather Orom, PhD
Darryl Somayaji, PhD, RN
Sharon Hewner, PhD, RN

Health Policy & Community Structure

April 7

Laurene Tumiel Berhalter, PhD
Jennifer Meka, PhD
Jonathan D. Daniels, MD

Communication Strategies to Improve Health Practices

April 14

Rev. Kinzer Pointer, MM
Steven Schwaitzberg, MD
Keith A. Alford, PhD
Elizabeth Bowen, PhD
Timothy F. Murphy, MD

When Theory Meets Reality: The Fight to Eliminate Health Inequities

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