Effective Teaching- For the Culturally Responsive Educator

This series will prepare participants to be effective, reflective, and curious educators. Attendees will develop foundational knowledge of adult learning principles and curriculum design along with strategies for promoting critical thinking. Specific approaches for engaging all learners while creating and supporting inclusiveness in small and large group settings will be explored.

Best practices for effective presentations and learner assessment techniques will also be discussed. The workshops will be interactive, and participants will have opportunities to apply learning to their own teaching with attention to cultural competency and intersectionality in evolving environments.

Dates: Wednesdays, November 2020 - December 2020

Time: 4:30 - 6:00 PM

Location: Virtual Via Zoom

For more information contact, scholar1@buffalo.edu or (716) 829-4718

NEW! – Learners can earn a digital badge upon completion of all workshops and weekly assignments. Digital badges allow learners to showcase their enhanced knowledge on responsible conduct of research on digital resumes, e-Portfolios or LinkedIn accounts.

Series Schedule

 Series Leader: Jennifer A. Meka, PhD

November 04

Jennifer Meka, PhD


Who Are You? Teaching Perspectives and Reflecting on our Biases

November 11

Jennifer Meka, PhD


Backward Design and Developing Critical Thinking in Our Learners

November 18

Jennifer Meka, PhD and Alysia Kwiatkowski, DO, MS


Culturally Responsive Teaching and Facilitating Small Group Discussion

December 02

Jennifer Meka, PhD and Alysia Kwiatkowski, DO, MS


Engaging Learners through Active Pedagogies

December 09

Jennifer Meka, PhD


Design for Success: Effective Presentations using Multi-Media Design Principles

December 16

Jennifer Meka, PhD and Alysia Kwiatkowski, DO, MS


Feedback and Assessment: Fostering Learner Development and Self-Regulated Learning