2018-19 Statistical Workshop Series

The Statistical Workshop Series combines the statistical approaches, study design, sources of error, research question and literature critique core competencies. This series aims to describe the role that statistics serves in the sciences. Attendees will use this knowledge to formulate well-defined clinical and translational research questions, and to incorporate regulatory precepts into the design of future studies.

2018-19 Statistical Workshop Series

Date: Title: Presenter:

Sept. 11

The Analysis of Count Data

Guan Yu, PhD

Sept. 25

Issues in Study Design Selection

Michael LaMonte, PhD, MPH

Oct. 10

Diagnostic Tests and ROC Analysis

Kristopher Attwood, PhD

Oct. 23

Competing Risk in Survival Analysis

Li Yan, PhD

Nov. 6

Introduction to Statistical Genetics

Jeffrey Miecznikowski, PhD

Nov. 20

Sensitivity Analysis for Unmeasured Confounding & Nonignorable Missingness

Jiwei Zhao, PhD

Dec. 4

Analysis of Ordinal Data

Michael Sill, PhD

Feb. 5


Pilot Studies: A Statistical Prospective

Gregory Wilding, PhD

Feb. 19

Mixed Model Basics

Guan Yu, PhD

Mar. 12

Developing a Research Proposal

Michael LaMonte, PhD, MPH
Mar. 26

Understanding Confounding, Selection and Information Bias in the Health Sciences Literature

Hailey Banack, PhD

Apr. 2


Nonparametric Tests: A Strategy for those Living in the Non-Normally Distributed World

Gregory Wilding, PhD

Apr. 16

Propensity Score Matching in Casual Inference and Missing Data Analysis

Jiwei Zhao, PhD

Apr. 30

Statistical Equivalence Testing: Proving Groups are the Same

Jeffrey Miecznikowski, PhD

May 7

Clinical Trial Management

Virginia Filiaci, PhD