Understanding the CTSI Pilot Studies Program in 7 Steps

(1) RFP (2) LOIs (3) Proposals (4) Review (5) Funding (6) Prior Approval (7) Account & Tracking

Scientific Review & Funding Priorities

  • Full proposals are provided to a collaborating CTSA hub, Penn State CTSI, for a scientific peer review. It typically takes two-to-three months before reviews are provided back to the applicants. 

- The review process considers the following: 

(1) Scientific merit and innovation

(2) Clinical significance and translational impact on the field

(3) Potential for securing extramural funding 

(4) Realistic milestones and feasibility of compeltion within one year

(5) Rationale and utilization of proposed budget

  • Following receipt of reviews, the Pilot Studies Executive Committee meets to discuss and determine funding priorities.