Translational Research Resources


The Drug Development Core offers a comprehensive portfolio of resources to assess novel compounds. To date the core has collaborated with many faculty members to facilitate grant submissions, facilitate faculty interactions for those with similar research interests.

In cases where coordinating with other services within the Clinical and Translational Science Institute would benefit a study, the drug development core interacts with the clinical research facilitators and other core directors.


"More than just a laboratory that people have access to, or assistance in submitting a grant, it’s developing a mechanism so that faculty are aware of the different resources that exist at UB and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, so their grant applications can be even stronger and they can build new collaborations. People who may be used to working independently can begin working together."

Gene D. Morse, PharmD, Drug Development Core Director

Resources include:

  • Drug Development core resources
  • Drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, mechanism of action studies
  • Cytochrome P450 isoform/membrane transporter profile
  • Pre-clinical pharmacokinetics and toxicology
  • Preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling
  • IND enabling preclinical efficacy
  • Pharmacogenetics and drug toxicity studies
  • Phase I dose-finding study design
  • Phase I/II drug interaction study design
  • Research pathology (tissue acquisition and analysis)
  • Proteomics and biomarker development
  • Nanomedicine applications
  • Genomics and tumor sequencing for actionable molecular aberrations
  • cGMP production of immunotherapeutics
  • Phase I Clinical Trials, Phase II Clinical Trials
  • Quality monitoring and assessments for drug development research
  • Research pharmacy and adherence monitoring

The Drug Development Core facilitates the drug development research continuum by making connections and assisting investigators in a variety of ways:

  • Consultation for grants, protocols, assays and data analysis are offered on an ongoing basis through the CTSI website request form
  • Drug Development and Translational Pharmacology Research Workshops are offered on an annual basis in conjunction with departments/units
  • Drug Development and Translational Research Core Curriculum 1-2 hour sessions are offered to KL2 scholars on relevant topics
  • Intersecting those interested in drug development with other CTSI components like biomedical informatics, drug repurposing, imaging and phase I studies