Community Partners


Breakthroughs in medical treatments have helped millions of people, and most of us have personally benefited from research in some way even if we don’t realize it. 

A healthier community starts with you

Community involvement in research is vital as it can build trust, encourage participation among under-represented groups, and enhance the relevance of research findings.

  • Research helps us find new ways to understand, treat, and prevent different health conditions.
  • Some studies look for healthy volunteers, while others look for people with specific conditions.
  • Without people from different backgrounds, we won't know if research discoveries will work for everyone.

There are many ways to participate in research

Different people have different reasons for participating in a clinical trial. If available treatments offer a low chance of success or have negative side effects, a clinical trial may be a good option. Participating in a clinical trial is also a way to contribute to the advancement of science, which may factor into some people's decisions, but it's not the only way to participate in research:

  • You might be asked to participate in a focus group.
  • You could attend educational programs to learn more about good health.
  • You might just fill out a survey.
  • Participating in a clinical trial requires a greater commitment, with potentially greater rewards.

What's known for sure, according to patient surveys, is that people who participate in clinical studies feel better about their health care and have better health outcomes.

What does clinical research mean to you?

  • It leads to new treatments and medical technologies.
  • It can improve health care for the entire community.
  • The best health care goes hand-in-hand with the best science.
  • Today's research leads to tomorrow's cures.