Taking Breakthroughs From the Lab to Real Life

Clinical Research.

Scientists at UB develop new and better medical treatments. And then we help get them to the people who need them – improving health and making a difference right here at home.

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Clinical research is on the rise at UB with the number participating in studies increasing 2.5-fold since 2015.

"Recent dramatic growth in clinical research at UB is a result of a commitment to foster better healthcare in our community,” says Timothy Murphy, MD, SUNY Distinguished Professor and director of UB’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI).

Tim Murphy.

Exciting, cutting-edge research at UB is aimed at improving health outcomes by preventing and treating a wide range of health conditions. By making clinical research opportunities readily available, our goal is to make it easy for everyone to engage in clinical research so that our entire community can benefit by getting access to the latest treatments.

Current research at UB includes more than 170 clinical trials testing new treatments for multiple health conditions in adults and children. This includes diabetes, psoriasis, hepatitis C, concussion and strokes; investigating ways to prevent obesity in preschoolers; helping pregnant women quit smoking ; and many others. There are also many opportunities for healthy volunteers to participate.

People who participate in clinical studies are generally more satisfied with their healthcare and often experience better health outcomes.