Courses at UB

The University at Buffalo offers a rich range of undergraduate and graduate courses focused on topics in aging.  In addition, many courses touch on issues related to aging. 


Course Title Course Number  School / Department Faculty
Social History Aging Perspective AMS 339SEM American Studies Program, Department of Transnational Studies  
Lifespan Physiology ES 330LEC Exercise Science Program, Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Luc E. Gosselin
Aging: Crosscultural Perspective MFC 265LEC Millard Fillmore College   
Contract Administration: Post-Award MFC 428LEC Millard Fillmore College   
Nutrition in the Life Cycle NTR 402LEC Nutrition Program, Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences  Adam M. Graczyk
Neurorehabilitation Across the Lifespan OT 417LEC/LAB Occupational Therapy Program, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences  Melanie M. Merrill,
Mary A. Matteliano,
Timothy P. Dionne
Philosophy of Medicine: Theory and Practice
*examines whether agin is a healthy, normal stage
PHI 240LEC Philosophy Department  David B. Hershenov
Adult Development and Aging PSY 427LEC Psychology Department  
Sociology of Aging SOC 304LEC/SSC 300 LEC Sociology Department/Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree
Sarah M. Glann
Social Policies for Aging Societies SOC 457LEC Sociology Department  
Health Care and the Elderly SSC 407SEM Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree Programs  Cheryl A. O'Brien 
Health Law
*covers rights of the the elderly
SSC 428SEM Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree Programs  Renata Kowalczuk
Violence and the Family
*covers elder abuse
SSC 343LEC Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree Programs  Marie E. Roth
Medical Sociology
*explores health disparities such as age in US
SSC 322LEC Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree Programs  Daniel Bagnall
The Aging Process  SSC 363LEC Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree Programs  Kelsey A. Harvey
Alzheimer's & Dementia  SSC 408LEC Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree Programs  Kelsey A. Harvey
The Social Context and Human Biology SW 101LEC Department of Social Work Elaine K. Hammond


Course Title Course Number School/Department  Faculty
Tech Method Topics Inclusv Dsn-Design For Inclusive Environmt  ARC 620SEM  Architecture & Planning Jordana L Maisel
Life Stage Issues in Nutrition NTR 633LEC Exercise and Nutrition Sciences John X. Wilson 
Health Justice Clinic  LAW 919TUT  Law Danielle Pelfrey Duryea 
Innovators In Health Care  MGH 642SEM  Management Lawrence J Zielinski
Geriatric Medicine MED 860TUT  Medicine Susan Gallagher 
Adult Gerontology Acute III Practicum NAH 614LAB Nursing Carolyn A. Montgomery
Adult Gerontology Primary Care Practicum NAH 613LAB Nursing Carolyn A. Montgomery
Issues in Geriatric Management NAH 522LEC Nursing Carolyn A. Montgomery
Pediatrics and Geriatrics  PHM 704LEC Pharmacy Nicholas Fusco, William A. Prescott Jr., Robert G. Wahler, Ashley Woodruff, Nicole P Albanese, Calvin J. Meaney, Joshua R. Sawyer, Nicole E. Cieri-Hutcherson
Rehabilitatn Environments  RSC 610SEM  Rehabilitation Science Brittany A Perez
Geriatric Dentistry RDN 846LEC Restorative Dentistry Albert Cantos
Policy and Programs for Aging  SW 721LEC Social Work Louanne Bakk
Theo of Human Beh & Dev  SW 505LEC  Social Work Lisa D Butler
Trauma And Human Rights SW 542SEM  Social Work Lisa D Butler
Sp Topics in Strategy-Social Sector Innovations SW 988LEC Social Work Gokul Mandayam
Aging Population and Family SW 706LEC Social Work Jacqueline M. Mcginley
Advan Policy Dev/analys    SW 563LEC  Social Work Yunju Nam