Detection of Salivary Biomarkers of Immune System Functioning in Kindergarten-Aged Children: A Feasibility Study

Molnar | Eiden

Research on the effects of prenatal tobacco exposure on child health outcomes have established that children who have been prenatally exposed to tobacco are at a higher risk for a multitude of poor health outcomes, such as respiratory illnesses, hypertension, type II diabetes, obesity and certain types of cancer in all ages. However, we know little about the pathways by which prenatal tobacco exposure is associated with childhood health. This research is designed to determine whether salivary biomarkers can accurately assess oral immune system functioning in kindergarten-aged children, and will allow us to better understand the role of immune system functioning in linking prenatal tobacco exposure to later important child health outcomes. Funded by RIA's Howard T. Blane Director’s Award for Development of Innovative Research in the Addictions (BDAA), 2014-15.