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Whether you’re a current student, future student, alumni, faculty, staff member or community partner, there are many reasons to connect with the EOP network. We look forward to working with you!

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For more information, please contact the EOP Main Office at: (716) 645-3072 and ask to speak with a counselor. 

Educational Opportunity Program

University at Buffalo
211 Norton Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260
EOP Main Office: 716-645-3072
Fax: 716-645-3075


Elizabeth "Betsy" Rodriguez, LCSW
Director, Educational Opportunity Program

Senior Counselors

Darryl K. Barnes

Jennifer Harris

Travell Scales

Richard Harris

Lani Jendrowski

Gudiya Msuku-Purks

Carlos Tejada

Manuel Wong

EOP’s dedicated professional and para-professional staff work to carry out the legislative intent of the program, guided by the following program objectives and student outcomes:

  1. Provision of access to the university for disadvantaged students who show the potential to succeed, despite poor preparation and limited financial resources;
  2. Orientation and preparation of students prior to the freshman year;
  3. Provision of a structured support and enrichment program, including counseling and tutoring throughout students’ enrollment;
  4. Provision of financial aid to students;
  5. Collection, analysis and reporting of data pertaining to enrollment and performance; and
  6. Development of a body of research and publication that documents successful approaches.