Course Evaluation Summary Reports are available online.

  • For mid-semester evaluations, reports are available online one day after the evaluation ends.
  • For end of semester evaluations, reports are available online one day after the deadline for posting grades.

Instructors and UBCE Administrators can log into UBCE to view reports and use interactive features that allow them to compare results within their department and to aggregated results from other departments, other academic units or all of UB.


The myFocus tool will show instructors what to focus on for improvement. Instructors can use this tool to develop an action plan for improving their teaching effectiveness.

Custom Reporting for Course Evaluations

Analyze course evaluations with a variety of report options.

Percentile Rank Analysis

The percentile rank report ranks all of the instructors at UB from highest to lowest.

Historical Reporting

Historical reporting is an easy way to spot trends and analyze information over time. Instructors can see general and specific information for each class taught.