Custom Unit Questions

Each unit can customize course evaluations by adding questions tailored specifically to unit programs and initiatives. Course evaluation coordinators will be responsible for organizing these questions and assigning them to courses being evaluated. Units may offer a mid-term evaluation with a custom set of questions.

Custom questions can be created as a block of questions that are asked to every course evaluated for the unit or they can be developed into groups of questions that are assigned to specific groups of courses evaluated by the unit.

Submitting Questions

Questions should be sent to course evaluation coordinators and should include the following specifics:

  • Question Details
    A brief description of the goal for the question and the type of format you expect. If the question is to be a matrix-style question, provide the range for the scale and the terminology.
  • Question Format
    Provide the questions numbered in the order they should appear and any conditions that should be applied to the questions, such as show question x only if question y is z.
  • Course Assignment
    Indicate the scope for application of the questions (course sections they should be applied to).