UB Pledge

The UB community is strong, smart and determined—Bulls through and through. Being a part of this community requires that everyone take the necessary steps to protect themselves and others. All UB students, faculty, staff and guests are asked to demonstrate their shared commitment by pledging to follow these guidelines at all times and in all circumstances while on campus.

Together, we are stopping the spread.

I pledge to complete the Daily Health Check as requested and to answer all questions honestly. I pledge to notify the appropriate entities if I am experiencing symptoms, to isolate myself from others, and to seek medical attention and testing as called for.

Together, we are staying safer.

I pledge to wear an appropriate face covering indoors and outdoors on UB’s campuses, even when social distancing is maintained.

Together, we are respecting space.

I pledge to maintain proper social distance from others while on campus, in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Together, we are protecting each other.

I pledge to wash or sanitize my hands frequently as called for throughout the day and to use proper personal hygiene. I pledge to contribute to a safe environment by following proper sanitation guidelines.

UB Spirit Mark.

Together, we are staying informed.

I pledge to obtain the information I need to act safely and responsibly. I pledge to be aware of and up-to-date on all guidelines and expectations and to seek answers to questions when I have them.

Together, we are acting responsibly.

I pledge to show concern for myself and for others. I pledge to encourage others to comply with all health and safety guidelines.

Together, we are UB.