I received an email from “Support at Quadrant Biosciences”, what should I do?

While some delayed surveillance test results are due to factors beyond anyone’s control, many of them are due to registration errors. An email was sent to all surveillance testing participants asking them to update their registration profile to make sure they receive their weekly surveillance test results promptly. Please do the following.

Your registration profile

Log in and update your registration profile at https://app.clarifi-covid-19.com/ and verify:

  • Did you chose SUNY BUFFALO as the organization
  • How you registered your name

At the testing site

Your registration profile MUST match your specimen label in order for testing to be complete. On the specimen label, be sure to:

  1. write your name exactly as it appears in your registration profile; and 
  2. write your date of birth as mm/dd/yyyy.

Updated April 29, 2021

Quadrant Biosciences pending Spring Pooled Surveillance Test Testing Mass Screening Screen results