What is the SUNY Vaccine Management System and do I need to use it?

SUNY recently introduced a system-wide solution for all campuses to track verified COVID-19 vaccination status of SUNY students. UB has made the decision as an institution to continue to use UB Health Services to collect this information. As a result, UB students should continue to only upload their COVID-19 vaccination records to UB Health Services at https://www.buffalo.edu/studentlife/life-on-campus/health/medical-care/results-and-records.html and do not need to log into nor provide their COVID-19 vaccine information to the SUNY Vaccine Management System.

While all SUNY campuses are required to utilize this system, in the case of UB, SUNY administration will utilize existing campus-level data to assist in populating the system-wide vaccination management system. UB will be sharing limited vaccination data with SUNY in order to calculate UB’s student vaccination rate.

Updated July 5, 2022

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