Some research seems to indicate that the coronavirus can be spread through droplets in the air. Is UB adjusting its HVAC systems to reduce the risk of spread through the air?

University Facilities team has been hard at work ensuring that all of UB’s HVAC units are running at optimal levels.  To date we have performed preventative maintenance that includes replacement of all air filters as well as reviewing specifications of HVAC equipment across our three campuses. We are now focusing on areas of concern and identifying the types of activity being conducted in those areas to determine if remediation steps are required.  Remediation steps may include upgrading filters within HVAC units, increasing the amount of supplied outside air, extending the run times of occupied building settings, and further reducing the occupancy density for that area. With more than 11 million square feet of building spaces, the completion of these activities does take some time.

As a reminder, although there are many unknowns right now, we do know that consistent use of face coverings, physical distancing, and hand washing, decreases the risk of transmission of COVID-19. These precautionary methods are central to our campuses’ health guidelines and we continue to communicate them as the most effective actions we can take to protect individuals’ health.   

Updated August 17, 2020

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