8/13: Previewing the Fall Semester

Every year, in the late weeks of summer, our university eagerly anticipates the start of a new academic year. As we prepare for this most unusual semester, we’re especially excited to welcome our students this fall. Our students have shown incredible resilience and grit, and this year, “UB pride” takes on a new meaning.

This semester will be different, but key aspects of the UB experience remain the same. Your health and safety are our highest priorities. You will receive a world-class educational experience, no matter your location. You will pursue opportunities for personal and professional growth and receive our full support as you take on new challenges. You will find an unwavering sense of community and commitment, built around shared daily experiences only possible at UB. Our faculty, staff and administration have been working hard to develop creative solutions that enable us to deliver on these commitments to you.

Remember, we are here for you! The UB community is strong, smart and determined. We will get through this time together, because together, we are UB.

So you can be as prepared as possible we have gathered some information and resources on:

  • Health & safety measures
  • Basic tips about the class schedule, living and eating on campus, available resource
  • Your academic experience
  • Our vibrant, global and diverse community
  • Being a Bull: what to expect for life outside the classroom
  • Maintaining your well-being
  • Financial considerations
  • Buffalo: Safely enjoying our city of good neighbors