7/8/21: UB updates fall guidance

Life at UB will be much closer to normal come fall with the announcement that students who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 will no longer need to wear masks or stay physically distanced while in the classroom.

The highly anticipated change was made this week by SUNY and takes effect at UB immediately.

The latest guidance from SUNY expands on earlier announcements that lifted masking and distancing requirements for vaccinated students and employees in most indoor and outdoor campus settings, including in classrooms and studios, research labs, offices, residence halls, recreation spaces and dining areas.

However, students and employees who are not vaccinated are responsible for wearing a mask in all indoor and outdoor locations on UB’s campuses, with the exception of in their personal residence hall rooms, personal workstations or while eating in university dining areas. Physical distancing will not be required in classroom settings, but unvaccinated individuals must wear masks.