6/29/21: HR gives update on telecommuting

UB Associate Vice President for Human Resources Mark Coldren sent an email updating UB employees on telecommuting.

Although the pilot telecommuting program agreed to by the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER), SUNY and the bargaining units ends on July 2, 2021, UB acknowledges that certain employees may face child care, elder care and personal COVID-19-related medical concerns that make their individual return to campus challenging, Coldren wrote.

These employees may request to defer their transition back to place-based work under the New York State Pilot Telecommuting terms as they address issues limited to child care, elder care or specific COVID-19-related medical accommodations.

As stated in President Tripathi’s spring announcement to the UB community, UB is striving to get back to a fully place-based institution in anticipation of students returning for the fall semester, Coldren wrote. To meet this goal, units should continue to facilitate their return-to-campus plans to meet the goal of having employees return to campus beginning Aug.2.