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equipment and software.

The CMI provides access to UB’s vast array of shared resources to students and faculty, researchers, and other academic institutions and industry partners. Here you’ll find faculty expertise, along with access to a cost effective suite of advanced scientific and engineering equipment and instrumentation.

An overview of some of the shared resources available are outlined below: 

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Thin Film Deposition

Thin film deposition.

UB's expertise in thin film deposition ranges from metals for contact layers on microelectronic devices to film coating methodology that can be used to deposit conformal, uniform films on substrates and more.


Etching equipment.

UB's etching equipment is designed for semiconductor and microelectronic devices or substrates and can supply plasma etch capability for single wafers, dies or parts using fluorine and oxygen based chemistries.


metrology equipment.

From application analysis and system specification, UB's metrology equipment offers a variety of microstructure solutions for your company.


Spectrometry equipment.

UB's spectrometry equipment is capable of identifying chemicals regardless of form and allows for trace element impurity analysis of both liquid and solid samples.

Thermal Processing & Analysis

thermal processing equipment.

If you need to diffuse or anneal samples, UB has the right thermal processing equipment for you, including high temperature materials testing, analysis and more.

X-ray Diffraction & Fluorescence

x-ray diffraction and fluorescence equipment.

UB's x-ray diffraction and fluorescence equipment analyzes powders, solids and thin film specimens and can identify elements in a substance and quantify the amount of elements present.


microscopy equipment.

UB's microscopy equipment is capable of nanoscale surface topography and morphology measurements, high resolution images of inorganic and organic surface structures, major and minor elemental analysis and more.

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