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CBLS research and development.

The CMI is investing in the future. By leveraging UB’s cutting-edge materials science and informatics expertise, the center fosters the development of new technologies, products and businesses that directly impact private sector growth in key areas including advanced manufacturing, life sciences and energy.

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Technology Commercialization and Solutions to Help Grow your Business

Our staff can help you connect with the equipment you need, the UB faculty who can enhance your research and the funding & incentives that will help you take your work to the next level. Our dedicated business development executive is ready to help.

For more information about technology commercialization, please contact:

Christopher Janson

Business Development Executive

Invest in UB Inventions and Licenses

Discoveries and innovations at UB often turn into useful products and services that save lives and improve the population’s quality of life. 

UB’s Office of Technology Transfer works with UB faculty and private companies to transfer this technology to the private sector for public benefit, while providing opportunities for further development and commercial applications. Review the university’s portfolio of technologies available for licensing.

For more information about UB inventions & licenses, please contact:

Jeff Dunbar
Director, Tech Transfer

Workforce Development

Talent is critical to your business success. Whether you are interested in interns, new employees or training for your current workforce, let the CMI help you get the right people in place.

The Career Experience Program

The CMI sponsors work experiences for full-time UB students.  In this program, the CMI will pay UB students to work 12 hours per week at partner companies in the Buffalo area. This is a great opportunity to gain assistance with projects at no financial cost to the company. Students benefit from participation by gaining real-world experience in their fields of study and building their professional networks.

To learn more about workforce development, please contact:

Sandra Small, PhD

Integrated Science Education Manager

UB's Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships

UB’s Business and Entrepreneur Partnership office is helping create a seamless and nurturing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Western New York through licensed technology, educational workshops and presentations, mentoring, seed grant funding when partnered with university faculty, and opportunities to meet and pitch investors. Contact us if you need to: