Polymeric & Macromolecular Materials Synthesis & Processing

Dr. Alexandridis's lab.

The UB researchers dedicated to polymeric and macromolecular materials synthesis and processing are creating new functional polymers and complex macromolecular structures with applications in consumer products, drug delivery, organic electronics and membranes for purification of water and gases. 

These include multifunctional materials and nanocomposites with unique optical, mechanical, and electronic properties that are derived from their molecular structure and supramolecular assembly. 

Faculty investigators

Paschalis Alexandridis, PhD

UB Distinguished Professor

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Phone: 716.645.1183

Email: palexand@buffalo.edu

Bing Gong, PhD



Phone: 716.645.4307

Email: bgong@ascu.buffalo.edu

Chong Cheng, PhD

Associate Professor

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Phone: 716.645.1193

Email: ccheng8@buffalo.edu

Joseph A Gardella Jr, PhD

SUNY Distinguished Professor


Phone: 716.645.1499

Email: gardella@ascu.buffalo.edu

Haiqing Lin, PhD

Assistant Professor

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Phone: 716.645.1856

Email: haiqingl@buffalo.edu

Paras N Prasad, PhD

SUNY Distinguished Professor; Executive Director, Institute for Lasers, Photonics & Biophotonics

Chemistry; Physics; Electrical Engineering & Medicine

Phone: 716.645.4148

Email: pnprasad@buffalo.edu

Javid Rzayev, PhD

Associate Professor


Phone: 716.645.4314

Email: jrzayev@buffalo.edu

Maria Tsianou, PhD

Associate Professor

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Phone: 716.645.1191

Email: mtsianou@eng.buffalo.edu