Why Partner with Us?

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Whether you want to connect with UB’s vast R&D assets or the materials scientists who are making the next great breakthroughs in technology, the CMI is eager to work with you.  

Our team helps researchers, entrepreneurs and employers reach their business objectives and create roadmaps for continued success, ensuring our industry partners benefit from their relationship with UB.

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Ongoing discoveries

Scientists at the CMI and our partner organizations are responsible for key discoveries and innovations that include: 

  • Boron Vacancy Defect in Cubic Boron Nitride
  • Computational Analysis of Enhanced Magnetic Bioseparation in Microfluidic Systems
  • Harvard Clean Energy Project
  • Photodynamic Therapy by in Situ Nonlinear Photon Coversion
  • Copolymer Surfactants as Shape-Tunable Building Blocks
  • Flame-driven Aerosol Synthesis
  • Lithography-free Metasurface with Spectrally Tunable Super Absorption
  • Non-invasive Multimodal Functional Intestine Imaging with Frozen Micellar Naphthalocyanines
  • Usage of BCI Headset for 3D CAD Modeling

Our partners have access to world-class equipment, UB faculty and other resources that support research and development.

An economic development powerhouse

The CMI is an economic development leader in Buffalo Niagara. The business development and collaboration efforts within the advanced manufacturing, life sciences and clean tech industry are advancing with over 120 companies from within the regional manufacturing base as well as over 11 academic institutions, 21 regional and national organizations, and six government agencies and national labs.  

Which type of partnership is right for you?