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University at Buffalo

UB Academic Schedule: Summer 2023

This information is updated nightly. Additional information about this course, including real-time course data, prerequisite and corequisite information, is available to current students via the HUB Student Center, which is accessible via MyUB.

Departments may offer courses in many different sessions. The majority of summer courses are offered in the following sessions: Six Week-First, Six Week-Second, Six Week-Third and Twelve Week. You may want to begin your search for courses in these sessions.

Departments (By Abbr)

120 Departments  
 Dept. Abbr  Dept. Name
   AAP   Arts Management Program
   AAS   African-American Studies
   AHI   Art History
   AMS   American Studies
   AP   Architecture And Planning
   APY   Anthropology
   ARC   Architecture
   ART   Art
   AS   Asian Studies
   ASL   American Sign Language
   BCH   Biochemistry
   BE   Biomedical Engineering
   BIO   Biological Sciences
   BMA   Biomaterials
   BMI   Biomedical Informatics
   BMS   Biomedical Sciences
   CDA   Computational Data-Enabled Sci
   CDN   Canadian Studies
   CDS   Communicative Disorders & Sci
   CE   Chem & Biological Engineering
   CEP   Counseling, School & Ed Psych
   CHB   Community Hlth & Hlth Behavior
   CHE   Chemistry
   CHI   Chinese
   CIE   Civil, Struc & Env Engineering
   CL   Classics
   COL   Comparative Literature
   COM   Communication
   CPM   Cora P. Maloney Center
   CSE   Computer Science & Engineering
   DEE   Engineering Education
   DMS   Media Study
   EAS   Engineering & Applied Sciences
   ECO   Economics
   EE   Electrical Engineering
   EEH   Epidemiology & Env Health
   ELI   English Language Institute
   ELP   Educational Leadership &policy
   ENG   English
   ES   Exercise Science
   EVS   Environment And Sustainability
   FR   French
   GEO   Geography
   GGB   Genetic Genomic Bioinformatic
   GGS   Global Gender Studies
   GLY   Geology
   GSC   Office Of The Graduate School
   GSE   Graduate Sch Of Education Crs
   HIS   History
   IE   Industrl & Systems Engineering
   INF   Informatics
   ITA   Italian
   JDS   Judaic Studies
   JPN   Japanese-International Studies
   LAI   Learning And Instruction
   LAW   Law
   LIN   Linguistics
   LIS   Library & Information Studies
   MAE   Mechanical & Aerospace Engr
   MCH   Medicinal Chemistry
   MDI   Materials Design & Innovation
   MDY   Medical Physics
   MGA   Management Accounting
   MGF   Management Finance
   MGG   General Management
   MGH   Management Health Care
   MGI   Management Industrial Relation
   MGM   Management Marketing
   MGO   Management Operations Analysis
   MGQ   Management Quantitative Method
   MGS   Management Science And Systems
   MGT   Management And Policy
   MHI   Medical & Health Informatics
   MIC   Microbiology And Immunology
   MT   Medical Technology
   MTH   Mathematics
   MUS   Music
   NAH   Adult Health Nursing
   NAN   Nurse Anesthetist
   NBC   Rn-Bs Nursing
   NEU   Neurology
   NFN   Family Nursing
   NGC   Nursing Graduate Core
   NMD   Nuclear Medicine
   NPM   Psychiatric Mentl Hlth Nursing
   NRS   Neuroscience
   NSG   Undergraduate Nursing Core
   NTR   Nutrition
   NUS   Phd Nursing
   ODS   Oral Diagnostic Sciences
   OPR   Overseas Academic Programs
   ORB   Oral Biology
   OT   Occupational Therapy
   PAS   Pathology & Anatomical Science
   PHC   Pharmaceutical Sciences
   PHI   Philosophy
   PHM   Pharmacy
   PHY   Physics
   PMY   Pharmacology And Toxicology
   PSC   Political Science
   PSY   Psychology
   PT   Physical Therapy
   PUB   Public Health
   RDN   Restorative Dentistry
   REC   Recreation Instruction
   RPG   Rp Cancer Sciences
   RSC   Rehabilitation Sciences
   RUS   Russian
   SOC   Sociology
   SPA   Spanish
   SSC   Interdisciplinary Social Sci
   STA   Biostatistics
   STB   Structural Biology
   STL   Sustainable Transp & Logistics
   SW   Social Work
   TH   Theatre
   UBC   Ub Curriculum: Gen Education
   UBE   University Experience
   ULC   Learning Center
   VS   Visual Studies

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