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University at Buffalo

UB Graduate Academic Schedule: Spring 2022

This information is updated nightly. Additional information about this course, including real-time course data, prerequisite and corequisite information, is available to current students via the HUB Student Center, which is accessible via MyUB.

 Courses for 'Theatre'
19 Courses  
  Class   Course   Title   Section   Type   Days   Time   Room   Location   Instructor (*) additional instructors   Status
  24486   TH 514LEC   Special Topics-Media And Performance   LH   LEC   M W    11:00 AM - 12:20 PM      North Campus    Hunter   Open
  25123   TH 527LEC   Voice And Movement   KG   LEC   M W    TBA      North Campus    Golde   Closed
  16763   TH 540LAB   Graduate Studio   EL   LAB   M    2:00 PM - 4:40 PM   Academ 102/102A   North Campus    Laine   Open w/ Reserves
  25181   TH 540LAB   Graduate Studio   WAL   LAB   TBA    1:00 PM - 3:40 PM      North Campus    Horne   Closed
  18089   TH 599TUT   Independent Study   EL   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Laine   Closed
  21483   TH 599TUT   Independent Study   KG   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Golde   Closed
  20430   TH 599TUT   Independent Study   LK   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Koscielniak   Closed
  19373   TH 599TUT   Independent Study   MC   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Conti   Open
  21418   TH 600TUT   Masters Thesis   EL   TUT   TBA    TBA      North Campus    Laine   Open
  20533   TH 600TUT   Masters Thesis   LH   TUT   TBA    TBA      North Campus    Hunter   Open
  20150   TH 601TUT   Masters Project   GRAD   TUT   TBA    TBA   Remote   North Campus    Conti   Open
  25112   TH 620SEM   Perf. Scholarship   LH   SEM   TBA    TBA   ARR   Remote    Hunter   Closed
  18516   TH 630SEM   Perf. Proseminar   MC   SEM   F    11:00 AM - 1:00 PM   ARR   North Campus    Conti   Open w/ Reserves
  25270   TH 670SEM   Perf Historiography   JWV   SEM   TBA    TBA      Remote    Werther   Open
  24499   TH 670SEM   Perf Historiography   MC   SEM   T    1:20 PM - 4:00 PM   Alumni 190   North Campus    Werther   Open
  21378   TH 700TUT   Dissertation Guidance   AN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Nereson   Open
  23119   TH 700TUT   Dissertation Guidance   EL   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Laine   Open
  18517   TH 700TUT   Dissertation Guidance   MC   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Conti   Open
  21355   TH 700TUT   Dissertation Guidance   THD   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Staff   Open