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UB Graduate Academic Schedule: Fall 2022

This information is updated nightly. Additional information about this course, including real-time course data, prerequisite and corequisite information, is available to current students via the HUB Student Center, which is accessible via MyUB.

 Courses for 'Physics'
97 Courses  
  Class   Course   Title   Section   Type   Days   Time   Room   Location   Instructor (*) additional instructors   Status
  13657   PHY 501LEC   Introductn Math Physics 1   A   LEC   M W F    1:00 PM - 1:50 PM   Frnczk 219   North Campus    Iashvili   Open
  14714   PHY 503LEC   Electricity & Magnetism 1   A   LEC   M W F    12:00 PM - 12:50 PM   Frnczk 219   North Campus    Thomay   Open
  18270   PHY 505LEC   Computational Physics 1   A   LEC   M W F    2:00 PM - 2:50 PM   Frnczk 219   North Campus    Rappoccio   Open
  14895   PHY 507LEC   Quantum Mechanics 1   A   LEC   M W F    3:00 PM - 3:50 PM   Frnczk 341   North Campus    Hu   Open
  13378   PHY 509LEC   Classical Dynamics   A   LEC   M W F    4:00 PM - 4:50 PM   Frnczk 219   North Campus    Han   Open
  19161   PHY 511LEC   Quantum Theory Of Fields   A   LEC   T R    11:00 AM - 12:20 PM   Frnczk 219   North Campus    Williams   Open
  12870   PHY 513LEC   Electrodynamics   A   LEC   T R    12:30 PM - 1:50 PM   Frnczk 341   North Campus    Zutic   Open
  16232   PHY 515LEC   High Perform Computing 1   A   LEC   M W F    11:00 AM - 11:50 AM   Cooke 127B   North Campus    Jadamec   Open
  17560   PHY 519LEC   Statistical Mechanics 1   A   LEC   T R    2:00 PM - 3:20 PM   Frnczk 341   North Campus    Sen   Open
  19403   PHY 525LEC   Intermediate Optics   A   LEC   M W F    3:00 PM - 3:50 PM   Frnczk 219   North Campus    Markelz   Open
  15517   PHY 527LEC   Solid State Physics 1   A   LEC   M W F    10:00 AM - 10:50 AM   Frnczk 219   North Campus    Zhang   Open
  13655   PHY 551LAB   Grad Physics Laboratory 1   A   LAB   T R    9:30 AM - 11:50 AM   Frnczk 246   North Campus    Gozpinar    * Gambrel   Open
  15922   PHY 551LAB   Grad Physics Laboratory 1   B   LAB   W F    9:30 AM - 11:50 AM   Frnczk 246   North Campus    Gozpinar    * Gambrel   Open
  13069   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   A   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Staff   Open
  14871   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   BAN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Banerjee   Open
  14191   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   C   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Staff   Open
  12840   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   CER   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Cerne   Open
  15119   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   GAN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Ganapathy   Open
  14401   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   HAN   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 247   North Campus    Han   Open
  Class   Course   Title   Section   Type   Days   Time   Room   Location   Instructor (*) additional instructors   Status
  14085   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   HU   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 259   North Campus    Hu   Open
  14201   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   IAS   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Iashvili   Open
  13074   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   KHA   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Kharchilava   Open
  14753   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   KIN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Kinney   Open
  14849   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   KRO   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Krotscheck   Open
  14397   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   LUO   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Luo   Open
  13043   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   MAR   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Markelz   Open
  14611   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   PET   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Petrou   Open
  13494   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   PRA   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Prasad   Open
  14776   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   PRL   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Pralle   Open
  14723   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   RAP   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Rappoccio   Open
  13666   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   SEN   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 325   North Campus    Sen   Open
  13587   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   STO   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Stojkovic   Open
  14835   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   WAC   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 261   North Campus    Wackeroth   Open
  13307   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   WIL   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Williams   Open
  14863   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   ZEN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Zeng   Open
  12869   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   ZHA   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Zhang   Open
  14644   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   ZHE   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Zheng   Open
  14786   PHY 598TUT   Independent Study   ZUT   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Zutic   Open
  14180   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   BAN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Banerjee   Open
  Class   Course   Title   Section   Type   Days   Time   Room   Location   Instructor (*) additional instructors   Status
  13385   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   CER   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Cerne   Open
  23488   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   GAM   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Gambrel   Open
  14672   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   GAN   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 223   North Campus    Ganapathy   Open
  14199   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   GOZ   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 307A   North Campus    Gozpinar   Open
  23489   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   HAN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Han   Open
  23485   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   HAR   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Harrer   Open
  14086   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   HU   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 259   North Campus    Hu   Open
  14840   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   KAR   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 209   North Campus    Karunaratne   Open
  14219   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   KHA   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 339   North Campus    Kharchilava   Open
  13832   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   KIN   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 257   North Campus    Kinney   Open
  23493   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   LIU   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Liu   Open
  14845   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   LUO   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 126   North Campus    Luo   Open
  13343   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   MAR   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 130   North Campus    Markelz   Open
  14940   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   PET   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 324   North Campus    Petrou   Open
  14796   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   PRL   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 327A   North Campus    Pralle   Open
  14301   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   RAP   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 132   North Campus    Rappoccio   Open
  16612   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   SEN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Sen   Open
  13363   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   STO   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 255   North Campus    Stojkovic   Open
  23491   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   THO   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Thomay   Open
  16613   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   WAC   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Wackeroth   Open
  Class   Course   Title   Section   Type   Days   Time   Room   Location   Instructor (*) additional instructors   Status
  15564   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   WHI   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Whitmire   Open
  16614   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   WIL   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Williams   Open
  23486   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   WIN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Winter   Open
  12868   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   ZEN   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 225   North Campus    Zeng   Open
  14962   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   ZHA   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 307   North Campus    Zhang   Open
  14963   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   ZHE   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Zheng   Open
  23492   PHY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   ZUT   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Zutic   Open
  14228   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   BAN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Banerjee   Open
  13586   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   BIR   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Bird   Open
  15127   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   CAR   TUT   TBA    TBA   Bonner 332   North Campus    Cartwright   Open
  14297   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   CER   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Cerne   Open
  15124   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   GAN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Ganapathy   Open
  14572   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   GON   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Staff   Open
  15144   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   HAN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Han   Open
  13605   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   HO   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Staff   Open
  15217   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   HU   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 259   North Campus    Hu   Open
  14413   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   IAS   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Iashvili   Open
  14755   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   KHA   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Kharchilava   Open
  13271   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   KIN   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 257   North Campus    Kinney   Open
  14850   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   KRO   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Krotscheck   Open
  Class   Course   Title   Section   Type   Days   Time   Room   Location   Instructor (*) additional instructors   Status
  14713   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   LUO   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 140   North Campus    Luo   Open
  14233   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   MAR   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 129   North Campus    Markelz   Open
  13063   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   MCC   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 142   North Campus    Mccombe   Open
  13698   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   PET   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Petrou   Open
  15028   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   PRA   TUT   TBA    TBA   Nsc 428   North Campus    Prasad   Open
  13116   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   PRL   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Pralle   Open
  14407   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   RAP   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 335   North Campus    Rappoccio   Open
  13379   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   SEN   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 325   North Campus    Sen   Open
  14347   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   STO   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Stojkovic   Open
  13088   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   THO   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 139   North Campus    Thomay   Open
  14857   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   WAC   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 261   North Campus    Wackeroth   Open
  13101   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   WIL   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Williams   Open
  15173   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   ZEN   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 225   North Campus    Zeng   Open
  13564   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   ZHA   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 307   North Campus    Zhang   Open
  15011   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   ZHE   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Zheng   Open
  13433   PHY 600TUT   Graduate Research   ZUT   TUT   TBA    TBA   Frnczk 307A   North Campus    Zutic   Open
  13347   PHY 602LEC   Department Colloquium   A   LEC   T R    3:30 PM - 4:50 PM   Nsc 220   North Campus    Kinney    * Markelz   Open
  13650   PHY 602LEC   Department Colloquium   RES   LEC   T    10:00 AM - 10:50 AM   Frnczk 341   North Campus    Kinney    * Markelz   Open