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UB Graduate Academic Schedule: Fall 2022

This information is updated nightly. Additional information about this course, including real-time course data, prerequisite and corequisite information, is available to current students via the HUB Student Center, which is accessible via MyUB.

 Courses for 'Physiology'
22 Courses  
  Class   Course   Title   Section   Type   Days   Time   Room   Location   Instructor (*) additional instructors   Status
  12225   PGY 507TUT   Lab Exer In Physiology   000   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   South Campus    Duffey   Open
  12132   PGY 551LEC   Human Physiology I   000   LEC   M W F    11:00 AM - 11:50 AM   Dfn 147   South Campus    * Baizer   Open
  12247   PGY 551REC   Human Physio I Rsrch Tutorial   01   REC   TBA    TBA   ARR   Downtown Campus    * Duffey   Open w/ Reserves
  12134   PGY 599TUT   Supervised Teaching   000   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Arranged    Duffey   Open
  12368   PGY 651TUT   Neurophysiology Research   000   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Arranged    Slaughter   Open
  22963   PGY 651TUT   Neurophysiology Research   PLE   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Downtown Campus    Pletnikov   Open
  21500   PGY 651TUT   Neurophysiology Research   YAN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Downtown Campus    Yan   Open
  12272   PGY 653TUT   Cell Membrane Phenom Res   000   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Arranged    Duffey   Open
  12154   PGY 655TUT   Cardiovasculr Physiol Res   000   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Arranged    Rasmusson   Open
  23742   PGY 655TUT   Cardiovasculr Physiol Res   WEI   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Downtown Campus    Weil   Open
  12173   PGY 659TUT   Renal Physiology Research   000   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Arranged    Awayda   Open
  12226   PGY 699TUT   Independent Study   000   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Arranged    Duffey   Open
  12284   PGY 701TUT   Thesis Guidance   000   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Arranged    Duffey   Open
  19733   PGY 701TUT   Thesis Guidance   PAR   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Downtown Campus    Parker   Open
  24544   PGY 701TUT   Thesis Guidance   PLE   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Downtown Campus    Pletnikov   Open
  19687   PGY 701TUT   Thesis Guidance   YAN   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Downtown Campus    Yan   Open
  12250   PGY 950TUT   Research In Physiology   B   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Arranged    Slaughter   Open
  12319   PGY 950TUT   Research In Physiology   C   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Arranged    Rasmusson   Open
  12157   PGY 950TUT   Research In Physiology   D   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Arranged    Duffey   Open
  Class   Course   Title   Section   Type   Days   Time   Room   Location   Instructor (*) additional instructors   Status
  12178   PGY 950TUT   Research In Physiology   E   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Arranged    Yan   Open
  12392   PGY 950TUT   Research In Physiology   F   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Arranged    Feng   Open
  12233   PGY 950TUT   Research In Physiology   G   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   Arranged    Awayda   Open