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UB Graduate Academic Schedule: Spring 2023

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PHY 555LEC - Relativity And Fields 1
Relativity And Fields 1 A Enrollment Information (not real time - data refreshed nightly)
Class #:   19585   Enrollment Capacity:   20
Section:   A   Enrollment Total:   7
Credits:   3.00 credits   Seats Available:   13
Dates:   01/30/2023 - 05/12/2023   Status:   OPEN
Days, Time:   M W F , 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM
Room:   Frnczk 341 view map
Location:   North Campus      
  Course Description
Special relativity as a geometric theory: the metric, Lorentz transformations, energy-momentum. Vectors and tensors. The Principle of of Equivalence, the metric tensor and the affine connection. General covariance and covariant differentiation. Geodesic motion. Stress-energy and the curvature tensor; Bianchi identities; Einstein Field Equation. The Newtonian limit: precession of perihelia and other Solar System effects. Weak fields and gravitational radiation. Black holes. Gravitational lensing. Cosmology.
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