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UB Undergraduate Academic Schedule: Fall 2022

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PHI 498TUT - Undergrd Research Activity-Undergrd Research Activity
Undergrd Research Activity-Undergrd Research Activity SMI Enrollment Information (not real time - data refreshed nightly)
Class #:   23022   Enrollment Capacity:   0
Section:   SMI   Enrollment Total:   0
Credits:   1.00 - 8.00 credits   Seats Available:   0
Dates:   08/29/2022 - 12/09/2022   Status:   CLOSED
Days, Time:   TBA , TBA
Room:   Park 105 view map
Location:   North Campus      
Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence (Crash Course) The course will begin on day 1 with an introduction to how AI works. AI works well in those domains where we can create models based on physical laws or simple rules. But the complexity of the relations involved in many other types of domains prevents successful AI modeling. It is for this reason that we face difficulties when we try to build self-driving cars or to predict the behavior of financial markets. On day 2 we will use what we have learned on Day 1 to address the opportunities and limits of AI in modelling and emulating human consciousness and self-consciousness human language understanding and conversations (including the Turing test and the Chinese room argument) social behaviour and ethics transhumanism, life extension, digital immortality We will show that AI will not bring cures for (most) deadly diseases, it will not replace human police with intelligent robots, and except along certain narrow tracks, including game-playing and image recognition it will not reach a level of intelligence that surpasses that of human beings. The course is designed to be of interest to both philosophy and computer science and engineering students at both graduate and advanced undergraduate levels This is a one-credit hour course. Students who take this course in 2021 will be eligible to supplement it with a 2-credit hour online course in ontology in the Spring Semester of 2022.
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