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UB Graduate Academic Schedule: Fall 2022

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ELP 548SEM - Foundations Of Education
Foundations Of Education 01 Enrollment Information (not real time - data refreshed nightly)
Class #:   10316   Enrollment Capacity:   20
Section:   01   Enrollment Total:   9
Credits:   3.00 credits   Seats Available:   11
Dates:   08/29/2022 - 12/09/2022   Status:   OPEN
Days, Time:   M , 4:10 PM - 6:50 PM
Room:   Baldy 474 view map
Location:   North Campus      
  Course Description
This course is designed to investigate and critically examine: the relationships of school to society contemporary social problems affecting education, social groups, and institutions school and community relations national, state, and community organizations affecting education programs and the development of social understandings in pupils. This course will analyze the underlying issues within contemporary educational policies, practices, and theories. Its main purpose is to apply the day-to-day realities of schooling within a greater context of knowledge, methods and insights of philosophical, historical, political, and sociological context. This broad interdisciplinary view will enable students to begin to reflect upon the structures and practices of the American education system. This course will also address the very nature of the educational system and the complex relations and influences between school and society¿s institutions. Through various classic and contemporary text and media, this course will explore various issues within the American education system. Through this course, students will learn to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the historical, philosophical, political, and sociological forces that impact education (formal and informal) on local, national, and international levels. Overarching themes will develop an understanding of the teaching profession, history in education and how it relates to the educator today, examine different philosophies of education, examine the legal governance of schools, and look at curriculum. An essential element of this course is student involvement and debate of the issues within the educational system. Students¿ participation in discussions is important not only for one¿s own learning but also for the knowledge gained by interacting with others. Each student brings to the course a wealth of expertise and knowledge that will enrich classroom experiences and discussion. What one learns in this course will be influenced by the degree of everyone¿s engagement in and contributions to the discussions. Preparing the readings and coming to class with questions, insights, and issues is crucial to making this course meaningful. To this end, the course will utilize several methods to assist students as they grapple with the many concerns of our educational system. During the term, students are required to read and respond to a variety of texts in a number of different ways. You will have to discuss, write, present, and thoughtfully participate in an on-going academic discussion. This discussion will provide the students a deeper perspective to interpret, question, reflect upon and engage with the underlying issues within contemporary educational theory, policy, and practice. Furthermore, this course will attempt to link these concepts with students¿ experiences in their schools and communities.
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