Society of Architectural Historians Spiro Kostof Book Award

The Spiro Kostof Book Award, one of the most prestigious offered by the Society of Architectural Historians, recognizes interdisciplinary studies of urban history that, in the spirit of Spiro Kostof’s writings, make the greatest contribution to our understanding of the growth and development of cities.

2021-22 Honorees

Despina Stratigakos

Department of Architecture

Professor of architecture Despina Stratigakos, PhD, is an internationally recognized scholar of diversity and equity in architecture. She is the author of four books that explore the intersections of power and architecture, the most recent of which—“Hitler’s Northern Utopia: Building the New Order in Occupied Norway” (Princeton, 2020)—has been recognized with the prestigious Spiro Kostof Book Award from the Society of Architectural Historians. In addition, she has published extensively on barriers to equity and diversity in the building professions, including stereotypical representations of architects in the media, lack of diversity among elite architecture prize winners, and the absence of female architects and architects of color in films. An engaged scholar, Stratigakos participated on Buffalo’s municipal Diversity in Architecture taskforce and was a founding member of the Buffalo Public School’s Architecture and Design Academy.