Visualization Laboratory

The computer visualization laboratory at CCR features a tiled display wall and a VisDuo passive stereo system for displaying 3D projects.

Tiled Display Wall

Tiled display wall.

CCR's new tiled display wall

The tiled display wall was assembled for the purpose of allowing scientific investigations of high-resolution images by teams of scientists working in a comfortable setting. In addition, it has proven to be ideal for some of our efforts in urban planning. The tiled-display wall is back-projected by 9x EPSON HD Projectors (edge blended with no seams) arranged in a matrix 3 across and 3 high providing 15.2 Megapixels of resolution. The 9 projectors are driven by a single server with the following specs:




  • 12 cores (2x Intel Xeon X5650 @ 2.67GHz)
  • 48 GB RAM
  • 5x NVIDIA Quadro 4000 Graphics Cards
  • 10Gb connection to CCR backbone network with access to storage area networks
  • For more information on the VisWall-20X provided by VisBox, Inc. click HERE for more information


VisDuo 3D Display


VisDuo display in action

The VisDuo is a ceiling mounted, 2 projector, passive stereo display, used for viewing complex 3D environments, molecular structures, and medical simulations. The stereo effect is realized by each projector producing images for one eye. The output is polarized by special filters and the resulting image is viewed on a custom polarization preserving screen. Users can view the resulting 3D imagery by wearing lightweight polarizing glasses. This system is powered by a custom workstation with a 3.4 GHz Intel Xeon Processor, 2 GB of RAM and a NVidia Geforce 7800 GTX graphics card.