Industry Cluster Status

Scheduled Maintenance Downtime

NOTE: the industry cluster is offline for maintenance the first Tuesday of every month unless otherwise noted.  Several times a year we have Center-wide downtimes to allow for network and SAN software updates.  Please check our Important Notices page for information about all of our scheduled downtimes.

This information and more is available at the command line using:
    sqstat --clusters=industry


Last updated: Mon Jul 16 12:32:04 EDT 2018
Peak (TFlop/s) Status Load Active Jobs Queued Jobs Nodes Utilized Processors Utilized
129 UP (42.477%) 35 1 105 of 216 1468 of 3456

Summary of current jobs:

Partition Running Queued Total
 35 (97.2%)1 (2.8%)36

Summary of current core usage:

Partition Total In Use Idle Other
 69122936 (42.5%)3912 (56.6%)64

Summary of current node usage:

Partition Used Unused
 210 (49.1%)218 (50.9%)