CCR Help Desk Portal

The CCR Help Desk Portal includes a robust and searchable knowledge base containing tips and tricks, how-to articles, software usage info, and solutions to the most frequently asked questions.  CCR staff have continued to update the knowledgebase with more detailed articles and up-to-date information.  This is the BEST place for users to start when they have a question.  The portal provides users with a platform for self-help 24 hours/day. 

Users also have the option to create an account in the portal so they can check the status of their pending help requests as well as look back on previous help requests they’ve submitted.  

On this page:

Searching the Knowledge base

The CCR Help Desk Portal offers an easy to search knowledge base of frequently asked questions, how-to articles, and software documentation.  Users do not need to be logged into the portal to search the knowledge base.  However, if a user is logged in to the portal, searches of the knowledge base will include help tickets the user has previously submitted.  This is a great feature for when you feel like you've seen the problem before!

As you begin typing your question or search criteria, the search engine immediately responds with links to articles and tickets containing that text.  Simply click on the article you'd like to access from the drop down list.  If there are no articles found that match your search, simply submit a new help ticket with your question.


Sign-up for CCR Help Portal

To access the full functionality of the CCR Help Desk Portal, users will need to register for an account.  You do not need to use your UB email address for this, but please make sure to enter your UB username so we can associate your help desk account with your CCR account.

NOTE: You do not need to sign-up for the portal to submit tickets to CCR Help.  Simply continue to email as you've always done.  We do encourage you to check out the great features of the portal though!


Login to CCR Help Portal

Once you sign-up for a portal account, you can login and access all the features of the help desk portal.  You will be able to access the knowledge base, see any tickets you've previously submitted, and check the status of any open tickets you have.  You can see which CCR staff member is working on your ticket, add more details to the ticket, and even close the ticket if you feel like your question has been answered.


This portal account is separate from your UB or CCR accounts.  The username for this portal is the email address you used to setup the account.   

Submitting a support ticket/help request

There are three ways for users to submit help tickets:

  1. Fill out form on help portal
  2. Fill out form using widget on website (click the red Support tab on the left side of our website)
  3. Send email to

Though users can continue to submit tickets via email to, we encourage everyone to fill out the ticket submission form in the portal or use the Support widget on our website.  The more information you can provide to our staff, the faster we will be able to help with your problem.  It is also quite possible that as you type your question, you will see the answer pop-up in the list of existing knowledge base articles saving you time.

When using the submission form, users can include photos (such as screenshots of errors) and attach files.  PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (such as social security numbers) OR PASSWORDS.  

Who do you need help from?  Please select either ccr-help or xdmod-help so your question is routed to the correct team.

You will receive an automated email when a new ticket is received indicating the ticket number and a link to view it online in the portal.  To view in the portal, you will need to sign-up for a portal account.  If you don't wish to do this, simply reply via email to the CCR support agent's questions.

Below is a screenshot of the form on our help portal for submitting tickets:



The next view shows the form available through the Support widget on our website:

The ability to include a screenshot of your error is a GREAT option we encourage users to consider utilizing when reporting errors.


Viewing status of a ticket

Users logged into the portal have the ability to view information about their tickets.  Click on the Tickets link in the top menu and then click on the ticket you'd like to view.  You will see all correspondence you've sent and all replies by CCR staff.  You will also see which staff member has been assigned the ticket and what the status of the ticket is.  Within this section, you can reply to the ticket and provide additional information to CCR staff.  By clicking on the icon that resembles a person and plus sign, you can add additional email addresses to receive ticket information.  This is especially helpful when faculty ask for help on behalf of a student or external collegue.  If you feel your ticket has been resolved, you can close it yourself by clicking on the checkmark icon.


Updating ticket information

Users can update tickets in the web portal by following the instructions above in "checking a ticket status."  Simply click the Reply button or scroll to the bottom of the ticket status page and enter text in the "click here to reply to this ticket" text box.  Users can also reply directly to tickets via email.  All email content will be amended to the original ticket and will be sent directly to the CCR support agents.


Viewing previously submitted tickets

Users can always go back and look at tickets they've previously submitted and are now resolved or closed.  Click on the Tickets link in the top menu and click on the arrow next to All Tickets to change the list to show only Resolved/Closed tickets or Open/Pending tickets.  

Though you can reply to a closed ticket, we would appreciate it if users would only do this if the original problem has not been solved.  If you have a new problem or are seeing the original problem crop up again, please open a new ticket.

Feature: When searching the knowledge base, if a user is logged in, previously submitted tickets are also searchable.  You will notice not only knowledge base article matches but also matches to your tickets will be listed if the search criteria are met.


Follow-up Surveys

When your tickets are closed (either by you or by a CCR support agent), you will receive an email indicating this.  Included in the email is a request for feedback on your experience.  We value your opinion and aim to provide the best support possible to all users.  If you'd like to let us know what you think, simply click on the icon that best represents your experience: awesome, just okay, or not good.  The link will direct you to a page that you can add more details on your experience or just click the Submit button to send the survey.

If you close the ticket yourself, you will be presented with these icons right in the support portal, as shown in the image below.  Click on one of the links and you will be given an opportunity to enter comments before submitting the survey.  Thank you very much for providing us feedback and we hope we can meet your expectations for excellent and responsive support!