Letter of Commitment for Outside Funding Sources

CCR will provide a letter of commitment users can include with their account proposals for outside funding, such as from the Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation (limited to standard text, per NSF policy), etc. This letter details CCR's commitment to supporting research efforts of its users and the facilities and platforms we provide our users. [Note: This letter does not waive the normal CCR account application process; it merely states that CCR is willing to support such application.]

Send e-mail to CCR Help which includes a draft of the letter you'd like us to support. We will modify and return for your approval before sending you the final PDF for your proposal submission. Please allow at least two weeks lead time for this service.

While there is no cost for UB faculty groups to use CCR compute resources, at a minimum, faculty using CCR resources are required to:

  1. Acknowledge CCR support in publications,
  2. Include a percent credit to CCR on the Sponsored Programs Approval Form.  A typical percent credit is 5%, though this can be larger for grants requiring significant CCR resources.  NOTE:  Clicking the "use CCR" box on the Sponsored Programs Approval Form is not the same as including a percent credit to CCR.
  3. Communicate with CCR about the nature of your research, publications and any funding that you have.  The ability to provide this information to us is handled by the resource subscription management portal, Coldfront, and you will be required to update this info once per year.  

Details on faculty accounts and reporting requirements

Queue priority is based on contribution level.  Faculty who support CCR through funded grants or who can allocate funds to CCR through other means are eligible for a priority boost on all jobs submitted by their group members.  Check out our accounts page for details on how to qualify for this "supporters boost."