Supercomputing 2023

Thanks for visiting the UB CCR booth at this year's International Supercomputing conference!   Check back here the week of the conference for more information


We're Hiring!

Check out these exciting projects from CCR!

  • Open XDMoD – CI management and analytics tool
  • ColdFront - Resource and Allocations Management System
  • Grendel - Bare Metal Provisioning for HPC
  • Heorot - Grendel Web-UI & Data Center Management System

Find out more about the NSF-funded ACCESS Project:

HPC Toolset Tutorial:

Try out ColdFront, Open XDMoD, and Open OnDemand in the HPC Toolset Tutorial.  Available free online!


Scheduled Demo Times at Booth #1686:

TUESDAY, 11/14:
2:00-2:30pm - Introduction to XDMoD (Metrics on Demand)
3:00-3:30pm - XDMoD Data Analytics Framework
4:00-4:30pm - Benchmarking New Hardware: x86 with HBM and ARM for HPC
11:00-11:30am - Introduction to XDMoD (Metrics on Demand)
1:00-1:30pm - ColdFront Resource Allocation Management System
3:00-3:30pm - Slurm Simulator
THURSDAY, 11/16:
11:00-11:30pm - ColdFront Resource Allocation Management System