Jeffrey Palmer

Jeff Palmer.

Scientific Programmer

Jeff has been with the Center for Computational Research since 2011. 

Areas of Support:

- Software engineering and web application development

Support Projects & Research Projects:

- XDMoD (XD Metrics on Demand) - an NSF-funded open source tool designed to audit and facilitate the utilization of the XSEDE cyberinfrastructure by providing a wide range of metrics on XSEDE resources, including resource utilization, resource performance, and impact on scholarship and research. More information can be found at

- UBMoD (UB Metrics on Demand) - an open source data warehouse and web portal for mining statistical data from resource managers (TORQUE, OpenPBS and SGE) commonly found in high-performance computing environments. More information can be found at

- REDfly (Regulatory Element Database for Drosophila) - A curated collection of known Drosophila transcriptional cis-regulatory modules (CRMs) and transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs). More information can be found at