Martins Innus

Martins Innus

Lead Scientific & Urban Visualization Specialist

Martins began working as a student assistant with the Center for Computational Research in 1999.  In 2002, Martins began working as a full time member of the CCR staff.

Areas of Support:

Scientific and Medical Visualization:

Development of custom, easy to use 2D and 3D visualization applications complete with graphical user interfaces (GUI's) for scientific and medical visualization applications. Expertise in widely used visualization tool kits such as VTK, FLTK, OpenSceneGraph, and OpenGL, as well as extensive expertise in the 3D reconstruction of 2D medical imaging data, including CT, MRI, PET and SPECT imaging.


Scientific & Medical Visualization Projects


Urban Visualization and Transportation Design and Planning:

Developing custom urban simulation software and 3D models for the purposes of planning, design and public outreach for a wide variety of architectural and engineering projects. Extensive experience working with most of the widely used animation/simulation packages, including Visualization Toolkit, Multigen-Paradigm Creator and Vega, 3DStudioMax, Alias|Wavefront Maya, SGI Performer, and OpenSceneGraph. Capabilities include:

  • Viewing existing conditions
  • Toggling new building proposals
  • Incorporating traffic data, including automobile, light-rail rapid transit, pedestrian, and bicycle


Urban Visualization & Transportation Projects