CCR & BIG Develop Genomics Data Warehouse

Genomic Research.

Published October 25, 2016

CCR, working with the Buffalo Institute for Genomics, offers industry & researchers new tool for analyzing big data

The GDW "stores and queries vast quantities of data efficiently — a challenging computational task"
Adrian Levesque, Senior Programmer/Analyst

In 2014, NYS Governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced his intentions to authorize a $100 million collaboration between UB and the NYS Genome Center in NYC.  The initiative was modeled after the governor’s successful blueprint for nanotechnology innovation in Albany, which has produced groundbreaking research, attracted significant private investment to the region and created thousands of new jobs.

From this initiative the Buffalo Institute for Genomics was formed and immediately went to work with CCR and UB's Next Generation Sequencing Core Lab to develop a Genomics Data Warehouse.  The tool that was developed enables researchers and companies the ability to sift through, query and analyze enormous amounts of digital information.  Storing and searching through data sets this large can be a challenging computational task, which is where CCR's expertise came in to play.  CCR staff "built the tool to accelerate genomics-based research, but the technology can be used to solve big data problems in any field, from drug discovery to materials development and supply chain management.

The warehouse is available for use by UB researchers without a fee, and by industry users with rates dependent on the nature of the project."  See this article for more details

Researchers and companies interested in using the Genomics Data Warehouse can contact Adrian Levesque at for information on the technology and industry user fees. Queries are welcome from users working in genomics and other fields that feature big data problems.