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Creating content for your online course is unique to your own learning outcomes, communication style, assessment choices and more.  While the videos below can also be found throughout CATT, we have aggregated them here by category to give you a quick start whenever you spend time enhancing your online or blended course.   

The benefit to using step-by-step videos comes from the simple method of play, pause, perform, repeat. By playing and pausing the video, you can take the time you need to perform the action at your pace. You simply repeat the process as you move through the videos that align to your course building needs. 

Remember, play. pause. perform. Repeat.

Video Topics:


Create a Test in the Original Course View

Video walking users through how to create a test in the original course view of UB Learns.

How To Create an Assessment in UB Learns

Video providing users with instructions on how to create assessments in UB Learns.

Digital Platforms

Sharing Files in UB Box

Video providing an overview of how to share files in UBbox.

Webex at UB

Video providing users with an introduction to Webex at UB.

Digital Platforms 4

Collaborating with UB Box

Video providing an overview of how to collaborate using UBbox.


Joining a Zoom Meeting

Joining a Zoom Meeting video.

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

Scheduling a Zoom meeting video.

Recording a zoom meeting

Recording a zoom meeting video.


Recording with Panopto

Video showing users how recording with Panopto gives UB faculty and staff tools for video and screen recording, editing and sharing, all in one place and from any device.

Panopto recordings in UB Learns

UB faculty and staff can download Panopto to their personal devices to create, edit and share dynamic recordings from anywhere--including UB Learns.

Pedagogical Tools

Creating Discussion Boards

Video showing users how to create discussion boards within UB Learns

Creating Blog Posts

Video providing users an introduction to blog posts in the Original Course View.

Creating Announcements

Video showing users how to create announcements in the Original Course View.


Respondus LockDown Browser

Video introducing users to Respondus LockDown browser.

Respondus Monitor

Video introducing users to Respondus Monitor.

respondus instructor training

LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor Instructor Training video.

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