Lessons Learned: Online Teaching Series

This teaching series offers faculty unique opportunities to interact with and learn from their expert peers who are successfully navigating and innovating to meet the challenges of educational delivery in a global pandemic.

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On January 26 we hosted the second installment of our "Lessons Learned" teaching series. This half-day conference helped faculty explore how they can move past the challenges of bringing innovative theory to practice in online and hybrid teaching environments.

This event included a presentation from keynote speaker Flower Darby, as well as presentations from UB faculty members.

Watch our January conference keynote: Flower Darby

Conference keynote sponsored by the Genteels' Excellence in Teaching Conference

Flower Darby celebrates and promotes effective teaching in all class formats to include, welcome, and support all students as they learn and succeed. As faculty and an instructional designer, she’s taught community college and university classes for over 24 years in a range of subjects including English, Technology, Leadership, Dance, and Pilates. A seasoned face-to-face and online educator, Darby loves to apply learning science across the disciplines, and to help others do the same.

Small Teaching Online: Practical Strategies to Increase Student Engagement and Learning

New or experienced online faculty can make small but impactful adjustments that significantly boost student engagement and learning. We'll cover brief learning activities, minor course design modifications, and simple changes to your interactions with online students based on the approach outlined in Small Teaching Online: Applying Learning Science in Online Classes (2019). Those teaching in blended and face-to-face formats also will gain LMS strategies that enhance the in-class experience. Together, we’ll discover how rewarding online teaching and learning can be.

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Watch our January conference faculty presentations

Faculty Presentation: Dr. Kristen Poinar
Faculty Presentation: Dr. Jessica S. Kruger
Faculty Presentation: Dr. Michael Kicey

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