Kenneth Shockley named Co-PI on SUNY 4E Grant

 Dr Shockley.

Dr. Kenneth Shockley, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Sustainability Academy, speaking at the Solar Strand Opening at the North Campus. Photography by Douglas Levere, courtesy of UB Communications

Published February 6, 2014

The SUNY Network of Excellence in Energy, Environment, Education and Economics (4E) has awarded a grant, in the amount of $135,000, to a team of UB researchers. Ken Shockley is serving as Co-Principal Investigator on the research team.

Unparalleled transdisciplinary teams

SUNY 4E focuses on research across the SUNY system related to energy and the environment with associated economic considerations and educational programming.

The project, Understanding and Overcoming Barriers to Communication in Complex Socio-ecological Systems: An Integrative Approach to Interdisciplinary Research, Policy Translation, and Educational Application, developed in response to the Fall 2013 4E Network of Excellence Call for Proposals, is awarded with funds provided by the Research Foundation for SUNY with the goal of encouraging faculty to develop inter-campus and inter-disciplinary collaborative projects that stimulate the advancement of new ideas that can build SUNY’s expertise toward national center designations in the area of the energy and the environment.

This competitive peer-reviewed program provides seed funding for proposed long-term programs of collaborative research that have strong potential to attract external funding.

The vision of the SUNY 4E network is to identify and bring together faculty and facilities across SUNY in partnership with key academic institutions, the private sector and national labs, in unparalleled transdisciplinary teams that lead the nation and the world in key transformative research areas that have a broad, positive and lasting impact on society.

Dr. Kenneth Shockley, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Ethics, in the Department of Philosophy, UB College of Arts and Sciences, also serves as Academic Director of the UB Sustainability Academy.