John T. Kearns

Professor, Emeritus
Ph.D., Yale

Contact Information:

119 Park Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-4150

Phone: (716) 645-8481

Personal Website: John T. Kearns John T. Kearns

Portrait of professor.

Areas of Specialization

Logic, Philosophy of Language (including Semantics and Ontology), Cognitive Science.

Current Research

Speech Act Theory, Illocutionary Logic (the logic of speech acts and which supplements and enlarges standard logic)


Introduction to Deductive Logic

Symbolic Logic

Modal Logic

Philosophical Analysis

Selected Publications

  • Logics of Fact and Fiction, Where do Possible Worlds Belong?, The Logica Yearbook 2011, College Publications, London, 97-106
  • “Affirmation and Denial, Judgments of Composition and Division,” The Logica Yearbook 2010.
  • Michal Peliš, Vit Punèocháø eds., College Publications, London, 113-123
  • “Using Illocutionary Logic to Understand Vagueness,” Logique & Analyse 207, (2009), 219-238.
  • “An Illocutionary Logical Explanation of the Liar Paradox,” History and Philosophy of Logic 28 (2007), 31-66.
  • “Conditional Assertion, Denial, and Supposition as Illocutionary Acts,” Linguistics and Philosophy 29 (2006), 455-485.
  • Reconceiving Experience, A Solution to a Problem Inherited from Descartes, SUNY Press, 1996.