Simone Cassani


Simone Cassani.

Simone Cassani


Simone Cassani


Visiting Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Applied Mathematics


PhD, Applied Mathematics, Purdue University
Thesis project: Blood circulation and aqueous humor flow in the eye: multi-scale modeling and clinical applications. Thesis Advisor: Giovanna Guidoboni

Research Summary

My research focuses on the interdisciplinary field of applied mathematics and mathematical biology. My work spans from tissue engineering, to physiology and social sciences, engaging numerical analysis techniques, reduced order models, partial and ordinary differential equations, and cellular automaton and agent based models.​

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

A hybrid cellular automaton model of cartilage regeneration capturing the interactions between cellular dynamics and scaffold porosity, S. Cassani, S.D. Olson, In review

Waveform parameters of retrobulbar vessels in glaucoma patients with different demographics and disease severity, L. Carichino, A. Harris, S. Lapin, G. Guidoboni, S. Cassani, A. De Silvestri, C. Tinelli, G. Milano, B. Siesky, A.C. Verticchio Vercellin,  European Journal of Ophthalmology, (2019)

Electro-fluid dynamics of aqueous humor production: simulations and new directions, A.G. Mauri, L. Sala, P. Airoldi, G. Novielli, R. Sacco, S. Cassani, G. Guidoboni, B.A. Siesky, A. Harris, Journal for Modeling in Ophthalmology, Vol 1, No 2 (2016) 

Mathematical modeling of aqueous humor flow and intraocular pressure under uncertainty: towards individualized glaucoma management, M. Szopos, S. Cassani, G. Guidoboni, C. Prud’homme, R. Sacco, B. Siesky, A. Harris, Journal for Modeling in Ophthalmology, Vol 1, No 2 (2016) 29-39.

Theoretical analysis of the relationship between changes in retinal blood flow and ocular perfusion pressure, S. Cassani, A. Harris, B. A. Siesky, J. Arciero, Journal of Coupled Systems and Multiscale Dynamics, Vol 3(1) (2015) 38-46.

Intraocular pressure, blood pressure and retinal blood flow autoregulation: a mathematical model to clarify their relationship and clinical relevance, G. Guidoboni, A. Harris, S. Cassani, J. Arciero, B. Siesky, A. Amireskandari, L. Tobe, P. Egan, I. Januleviciene, J. Park, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 55(7) (2014) 4105-18. 

Mathematical modeling approaches in the study of glaucoma disparities among people of African and European descents, G. Guidoboni, A. Harris, J.C. Arciero, B.A. Siesky, A. Amireskandari, A.L. Gerber, A.H. Huck, N.J. Kim, S. Cassani and L. Carichino, Journal of Coupled Systems and Multiscale Dynamics, Vol. 1(1) (2013) 1-21. 

Book Chapter:

Mathematical modeling of blood flow in the eye, J. Arciero, L. Carichino, S. Cassani, G. Guidoboni, In G. Guidoboni and A. Harris (Eds.), Mathematical modeling of ocular fluid dynamics: from theory to clinical applications, Springer Birkhäuser. In print.