Want to Know Where Threatened Species Live? Look to the Clouds, Adam Wilson, UB Reporter

Image mapping of cloud dynamics.

Fine-grain spatio-temporal cloud dynamics visualized with a metric of seasonal concentration, which combines the magnitude and timing of monthly fluctuations in cloud frequency derived from 15 years of twice-daily satellite observations. It illustrates the often remarkably sharp transitions between many of the world’s terrestrial ecosystems. The hue indicates the month of peak cloudiness, while the saturation and value indicate the magnitude of the concentration ranging from 0 (black, all months are equally cloudy) to 100 (all clouds are observed in a single month). Coastlines shown in white, marine areas with no data are dark grey. Image: Adam Wilson

“It was remarkable how clearly you could see many different biomes on Earth based on the frequency and timing of cloudy days over the past 15 years.”

Published April 4, 2016

UB Reporter

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