Jessica Gilbert


BA: French and International Relations, 2013, SUNY Geneseo

Research Interests:

My research focuses on food justice initiatives in Buffalo, NY. In collaboration with several coalitions in the WNY region, I examine if and how the Good Food Purchasing Program might support the racial justice goals of a just transition; specifically, if and how values-based public institutional procurement might support NYS Black farmers.

Recent Courses Taught: 

GEO 100: Geographic Perspectives and World Issues

GEO 105: Earth, Environment, and Climate Lab

GEO 106: Earth System Science Lab: Climate Change

ENVR 124: Introduction to Environmental Issues

GEOG 263: Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

GEO 426: Environmental Governance, Resources and Sustainability


Gilbert, J. L. and R. A. Williams. 2020. Pathways to reparations: land and healing through food justice. Human Geography. Special Issue on Radical Food Geographies.

Reynolds, K., D. Block, C. Hammelman, B. D. Jones, J. L. Gilbert, H. Herrera. 2020. Envisioning radical food geographies: shared learning and praxis through the food justice scholar-activist/activist-scholar community of practice. Human Geography. Special Issue on Radical Food Geographies.

Gilbert, J. L., A. Schindel, S. Robert. 2018. Just Transitions in a public education food system? The case of Buffalo Public Schools. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. Special Issue on the Role of Local Governments in Food Systems Work.



Jessica is a PhD Candidate in the University at Buffalo's Department of Geography, where she studies the intersections between food and racial justice, environmental justice, the just transition, and institutional food procurement. She is also a research associate at the Partnership for the Public Good, where she supports numerous food justice initiatives throughout the region via policy research and advocacy. Through these collaboration, Jessica uses her research to support local campaigns centered on supporting Black farmers and Black-owned businesses in NYS. During her free time, she can usually be found hiking or biking in the region's numerous parks or in her veggie garden.