Current Graduate Students (partial list)

Marissa Bell.

Marissa Bell

PhD Candidate, Geography;

Energy Geography, Economic Geography, Energy Justice, Consent-based Nuclear Waste Siting, Policy Analysis


Seth Cavello

PhD Candidate, Geography;

Urban Geography, Neighborhood change, Migration, Gentrification

Dennis Choi.

Dennis Woohyuk Choi

PhD Candidate, Geography;

Economic Geography, Immigration, Neighborhood Change, Brazil, Southeast Asia


Youngseob Eum

PhD Student, Geography;

GIScience, Environmental science, Health geography

Jessica Gilbert.

Jessica Gilbert

PhD Candidate, Geography;

Food Systems, Food Justice, Social Equity, Environmental Justice, Systems Science

Xiangyu Jiang.

Xiangyu Jiang

PhD Candidate, Geography;

Air Pollution, Health Geography, GIScience

Zhu Jin.

Zhu Jin

PhD Candidate, Geography;

Health Geography

David Karp.

David Karp

PhD Student, Geography;

Urban and economic geography; Urban policy and planning; Governance and Financialization of cities; Urban Inequality; GIS and Spatial analysis


Allison Leet

MS Student, Geographic Information Science;

GIS, Demographic Vulnerability, Urban heat island effects, Landscape modeling, climate change adaptation

Ying Lu.

Ying Lu

PhD Student, Geography;

Mangrove, Remote Sensing, Google earth engine

Yue Luo.

Yue Luo

PhD Candidate, Geography;

Spatial statistics, Health Geography, Census Geography

Yujia Pan.

Yujia Pan

PhD Student, Geography;

Spatial Networks, Social Networks

Qiang Pu.

Qiang Pu

PhD Student, Geography;

GIScience, Environmental Modeling, Air Pollution and Public Health

Sara Peterson.

Sara Peterson

PhD Student, Geography;

Systems Analysis, Spatial Dynamics, Resilience, Development, Dynamics of Intimate Partner Violence


Caitlyn Sears

PhD Student, Geography;

Economic Geography, Foreign aid and non-governmental aid, South and Southeast Asia, Uneven Development


Hannah Stokes-Ramos

PhD Candidate, Geography;

Agro-Food Systems, Critical Social Theory, Political Ecology, Economic Geography, Complex Adaptive Systems, Climate Change and Disaster Vulnerability and Resilience

Yifan Wang.

Yifan Wang

PhD Student, Geography;

Geographic semantics, GIScience

Chenyang Wei.

Chenyang Wei

PhD Student, Geography;

Global Change Ecology, Climate Change, Remote Sensing, and Geographic Information Science.

Jongseo Won.

Jongseo Won

PhD Student, Geography;

Urban and economic Geography, demographic transition, aging


Misa Yasumiishi

PhD Candidate, Geography;

Environmental contamination and remediation (specializes in radioactive contamination)

Xiang Ye.

Xiang Ye

PhD Candidate Geography;

Spatial Statistics, Modifiable areal unit problem (MAUP), spatial correlation, spatial weights, spatial process

Dameng Yin.

Dameng Yin

PhD Candidate Geography;

Mangrove, LiDAR remote sensing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Fangyu Zeng.

Fangyu Zeng

PhD Student, Geography;

Soil erosion,modelling earth surface processes

Qiuyi Zhang.

Qiuyi Zhang

PhD Candidate, Geography;

Health Geography, Spatial Analysis, Agent-based Modeling, GIS


Shengyuan Zou

PhD Student, Geography;

Urban Remote Sensing, Image processing